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The Riders Parent

The role of a riders parent is so vast, those parents that are there day in day out watching, observing, supporting. How often do you end up feeling a bit lost at what to do next? It’s not necessarily that you don’t know what to say or do, but the timing never seems right or the response you get puts you off trying! The first thing to remember is your presence in invaluable despite how it may feel – often the person we know will be there no matter what is the first we can be a bit short with a bit hasty to give a short reply to when the stress rises the tension is building. Every ride, every situation can bring different responses which as the supporter can be tricky to know when to step in and when to let it go. Try to put yourself in the saddle and think would it be a helpful comment or a distraction at a moment when you are buried in your own thoughts. Often it it so easy to see an answer stood on the ground without the trials and tribulations of trying to get it just right on your horse or pony. My top tip is have a plan and know what the plan is – have that discussion before you even get to the point of the rider getting ready or gettign there horse ready – if everyone knows the timings and what to do when the tension doesn’t start to build before the rider even gets their hat on. With all of this in mind have you considered your parent mindset on the sidelines watching? Are you trying too hard to make it happen? Do you need some help to understand whats changing with your riders mindset and and how you can change yours to work better for you – talk to me today about the parent package. Contact Alex

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