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Assessing Your Ride – Whats the benefit?

How often have you said I had a great ride I did and you say what you achieved and often have a story to tell about how important or what an acheivement that was for you. On the other hand when you’ve not had a great ride and you tell the story of what happenend and how annoying or frustrating it was.

BUT and here it is when did you last go into details in each of those scenarios so when it was good – what did you do, how did you know it was good, how did it feel? and when it doesn’t it’s not great do you do the same what happened. what did you do , how did it feel, why was it not good? Often we focus on the outcome but not on how it all happened, if we haven’t assessed what happened how do we make changes going forward – including when those changes are we want to do it like that again. Chasing a result without knowing what we need to do is the same as trying to avoid one without knowing the information. Without doing a proper review of your ride how can you truly progress and have an idea where to start. For some this automatic, but for others its takes a little practice to get into the swing and some actually do it as you ride along.

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