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What If Woes!

What if he……. but what if he doesn’t……..

Those what if’s are great at building themselves into huge scenarios and the more you try to push them away the bigger and more distracting they become! My first top tip for dealing with a What if is “Acknowledge it”, the more you avoid it the stronger it becomes! If you acknowledge it your have taken the first step towards dealing with it – sometimes its not always possible to go it alone but you can make a start and a decision!

The start is acknowledgement then decide what is it about it, that stops you? Next you need to look at it and work out what can you do about it -you don’t necessarily need to solve it in one step, but can you take a step towards it – can you start working on part of it – then as you achieve that step how does that help you with the next one. – If you get stuck – coaching could really help you get past the what if and arm you with tools for the future.

Don’t forget you are not the only person to have a what if moment but you are the only one who can decide to make a change.

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