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Setting Yourself Up For Success

We all aim to succeed, but how often do you actually consider all the areas of setting yourself up for success. It does come down to planning, but the trick is not to get stuck in the planning phase and not allow yourself to get so buried in trying to make the planning phase perfect you don’t get to the action phase. 1

  1. Decide what you are aiming to achieve – be specific keep it clear
    Do you need help to achieve it and if so what help do you need
    Action the help get booked in with your trainer or coach for example
    Trust in what you know and your training – use your knowledge
    Be realistic with your expectations – don’t undersell what you are capable of
    Review your rides – it helps you progress and discover if you need anything extra to help you progress.
    Write things down – it makes them far more real!
    Only compare to yourself – its the only true comparison – Aspire to be like someone else but don’t beat yourself up for not being there yet.
    Remember your why – write it down and put it somewhere you see it to remind you.
    Try before you decide its not possible, it all starts with a little effort.
    What you consider a bad day can still have a positive twist – what did you learn from it? – Ensure you review like you would a positive day.
    Don’t judge how well you are doing by comparing yourself to someone elses shiny journey on social media – compare to how you did it last month
    The judges can only judge what you show on the day and it may not always be what you hoped for, but whichever it is review it well and use what you learn to help you move forwar.
    Prepare yourself for what you are going to do, have what you need available and ensure you familiarise yourself with the environment so things dont catch you by surprise. – its amazing how much you can learn having a little look online at a venue or ride.
    Most of all remember to smile and enjoy your time in the saddle on your horse..


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