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The Importance of Remembering Your Why.

It really is about you and why you want to do it – no one else! The first person you should be riding for is YOU! If you forget your why where is your motivation, the reason to do it? It doesn’t matter if its because you like spending time with your horse, you love the adrenaline rush of jumping, the pleasure of hacking, the details of dressage whatever your thing is, you need ensure you keep that alive and well! Without your why driving you forward you are just doing and then the passion and excitement starts to slide away. Similarly if you get persuaded to follow a different path to what you really wanted to and are constantly looking towards what you wanted to do rather than what you have been persuaded to do – are you really doing it for you? So ensure your next ride or time with your horse is about what you want to do. – Of course there are always the chores we dont particularly wabt ot do but they are part of horse ownership! – once they are taken care of its about you and your horse. – Give it some thought if you are struggling to fine that motivation. Need an extra push remember how it feels when you are doing what you want to with your horse. Have a great ride.

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