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Today was a big one the nerves came back really bad in the working in (just at a local show)… mum helped with all of your methods, she was evening saying Emily Alex is stood here 😂😂… 69% in only our 3rd inter 1. Thank you again we are really trying to put it into practice I’d have thrown that away otherwise had I not had your techniques 🙏🏼


Fab thank you. I was so proud of her today at assoc champs. First to go and 52 in the class, she was confidentent, relaxed and had a really happy day. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done


Thank you, I wouldn’t be able to do it without you, I was just looking at the first videos you sent me years agoa and god there is such a massive difference.


Hi Alex, I will leave her to tell you all about it, but finally all the ducks were in a row. Many thanks for all you do for her. S.W


Oh my goodness Alex. We have won the PSG today with a 3% lead. I honestly can’t even thank you enough I really can’t. It was much harder without you here. I think I slouched on the couch about 8 times in my test. Thank you thank you 🙏🏼 xx 


Alex Jewell you get a huge thank you for being part of our journey, making us believe to never give up and make goals possible. After her nearly giving up but with your advice and help you turned our story around M.F


What was lovely is that she remembered how she felt just a year ago in the same situation and how she was able to handle the feelings this year. You are brilliant. @Alex J thank you 🎉 



Alex has helped my confidence with hacking out & schooling. She can read a situation while I am having my lessons, so never asks more than I can do, when I think I have done enough she still seems to manage ot get a littel more out of me. Really looking ofrward to furthering my riding ambitions with Alex’s guidance. 

Trudi Keen




                        It has made me focus on what I can do getting away from what I can’t do – rethink my values. Finding my goals and achievements putting them in small steps I can achieve. Makes me believe in myself that I can do things. The meetings are so friendly, welcoming, make you feel you are not alone. Well worth going and keeping going.

Jane & Steve Kidd

I have found the group meetings extremely helpful. They have helped me ascertain where my anxiety starts and how to deal with it through talking and writing out plans etc. It’s fabulous listening to other people in the group which helps you to understand that you aren’t the only one that suffers from anxiety

Cecilia Dobson

Hi My name is Mel, Rider mindset has helped me in my riding but also with daily challenges. Alex has an amazing perception of what you need and how best to deliver the words of encouragement or direction and tools to help when shes not around.


I have been to 3 group sessions with Alex and gone from not being able to even imagine travelling with my horse to a new venue, to now planning various trips out over the winter and feeling really positive and excited about all the possibilities thank you,


Rider Mindset sessions with Alex has made me more aware of staying in the moment and focusing on small bitesize goals not just on the end goal.

Helen Howard


Following Covid lockdown, I entered a dressage competition.   No issue for me as done plenty before.  However for some unknown reason on day of competition I was a bag of nerves, feeling scared and sick.  Why I didn’t know or what I should do.  I didn’t feel any better after the test and started to wonder if I would ever enjoy competing again.  I had a mindset session with Alex and it made me think totally different about competing.  Yes I still get nervous but now it’s a healthy level of nerves.  I now laugh at myself and at my horse when the test doesn’t go to plan.  I also learnt that your own mindset influences your riding and this has been proven on another test when I was thinking about work issues and not about riding.  Cue my worse scores ever as horse picked up on my tension.  But a quick chat with Alex and the next couple of days test results improved with a personal best by the third day.

I totally recommend Alex as she has certainly helped me.  And before anyone thinks I may be a weak minded person in the first instance;  trust me I manage a multimillion budget and over 400 staff and work full time in a non equestrian organisation.  We all have blips in life but can easily get trapped if not challenged at an early stage.  Thanks for your help Alex.

Cas Vine

I first started working with Alex in May 2020. Having grown up learning to ride in a very performance driven environment, I’ve always considered myself very able to deal with pressure. I’ve ridden all the way up to European level on other peoples horses, yet when it came to competing my own in 2020 I felt like I had lost my way and couldn’t get to the bottom of it. Competing became a chore for the first time, I either over rode or just sat there when I went down the centre line. I wasn’t nervous, I just wasn’t riding with feel or trust anymore.

Contacting Alex was a big step for me, being a ‘just get on with it’ kind of person, if felt alien to me to ask for help, but I knew I needed an expert! I’ve never looked back since that day. Alex is so easy to talk to, and has an amazing way of picking up on things you didn’t even realise needed tackling. Alex’s techniques and words have helped me back to the rider I want to be, competitively or not, and I’m thoroughly enjoying riding again and enjoying every bit of the journey.

I started with fortnightly zoom calls and contact between, but now I just book the odd session with Alex if I feel I need it just to nip any doubts in the bud.

Aside from helping me, I also coach a few people that I’ve recommended Alex to, I can honestly say the difference can be breathtaking. Seeing one lady who previously was scared of getting on, to happily cantering around the arena with a smile on her face, was amazing!

I definitely recommend taking the first step with Alex if you want to change!

Kate Jones

Alex helped me when I was having a confidence crisis due to my horse being very difficult. She worked with me for a couple of months and gave me exercises to complete and helped me to view things differently and more positively. After 2 months I’d progressed enough to be left to continue the work on my own with the knowledge that if I needed to come back to her she would always be available 

Lynne R

I met Alex about 2 years ago and we have been on a journey together with my horse ever since. I have never been the most confident and can often feel overwhelmed in situations but Alex gets me to do things without realising and without worrying about them. We talk things through with ease and laugh lots. I highly recommend Alex, when I have a wobble she always answers my messages and is that little voice of reassurance when you need it.

Katie Tracey
I am not one for the “New Year, New Me” posts I see so many of. However, coming into 2023 I am in the best head head space I think I have ever been in. I feel mentally prepared, organised and able to hit the ground running.
This is due to having the best and most positive group of friends around me that I have ever had, for which I am incredibly grateful for, you know who you are! But also down to an amazing lady Alex Jewell. I have been having business and rider Mindset Coaching sessions and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have help me organise my brain, life, business and ‘rider brain’ better than they ever have been. I will be honest, I wasn’t sure at first, but the difference it has made is unreal!
2023. It’s going to be a cracking year!!
Katie Buncombe

 I am still working hard to keep horse and work stress separate but with you I  learnt where the stress  started so i can work with it and not always get stuck in it..

This really helps us both to keep focused and without your help i do think i would still be just struggling to clarify the issues.

So thanks Alex if i ever need your support in the future i will be sure to be in touch.

Alex has helped so much . Giving me confidence in the warm up and to compete .
Alex is a veery good trainer and really knows her stuff ,gently pushing you on to do your best
J Adams

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