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Setting Your Goals For Success

When setting your goals ensure you don’t sensor them to something thats more comfortable, rather working out how you will get out of your comfort zone to achieve the real goal you had in mind. Often as soon as you think of your goal the barriers and blockers pop up with what seem like really sensible reasons to modify your goal, but until you’ve really tried is that fact or fiction? My top tips for setting that goal – stick to your first thought that’s the one you really wanted to aim for, plan your pathway to it, in as many steps as you need and want to – no step is too small as long as it moves you forward a little bit and if you have a step that feels a little big when you get to it break it down again in to smaller steps – don’t stop find a way. Make sure you check in with your plan and acknowledge your achievements as you progress – keep motivating yourself with what you’ve achieved. If you feel a bit like its hard work and your mojo takes a wobble – remember your why – why you wanted to do it in the first place and how you will feel when you have achieved your next step. Rememebr its your journey and your pathway stick to what works for you – others will do it differently, but that’s because its for them and their horse. We are all individuals and need our pathway to follow. If you’d like a hand to set your goal and be held accountable to taking the next step send an email now

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