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Lots coming up in the next 10 days.

With a little trip to the British Dressage Winter Championships this week for a couple of days, followed by Aprils Rider Moindset Evening Group Talk and then a day with the British Dressage North and East Region Camp at Sheepgate Equestrian for more Rider Mindset, Im absolutely loving how more and more riders are seeing the benefits of keeping their mindset tuned up even when they don’t have a fear or worry so to speak. So often we can keep what ifs away from the door by keeping everything performing to its best, just like the physio that keeps your body moving – I wouldn’t be without mine! Sometimes its about keeping focus and direction, stopping you diverting off when you see or hear something else and then all of a sudden you’ve lost your way – sound familiar? Everything we do has a set of building blocks that need keeping in place to keep us on track, if you’re blocks are wobbling but you cant find the weak link – it could well be worth a look at your rider mindset if you haven’t already. Don’t hesitsate to send a message to find out more.

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