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Ride and Review Planner – Have you got one?

What this? This is the planner I put together, to allow you to properly track your progres, but also look back and see your journey to enable you to properly acknowledge how far you have come. How often have you thought I should be further along, I wish I could just, and then a little bit or sometimes a lot of frustration creeps in at your lack of progress, when really you’ve not remembered all the things you’ve done or the obstacles you’ve overcome. Giving yourself a pat on the back and realising how tricky something was to achieve is often the first thing you forget. It’s so easy to focus on the things you haven’t achieved yet and forget all you have. You also have to remember we are dealing with a thinking animal that we have to work with their feelings, abilities, stage of training as well as our own and afterall they are quite good at needing a break for one thing or another just at a pivotal moment. These are just some of the reasons I developed this planner, it has a monthly summary so you can start anytime and it will last your 12 months from when you start it, but also you do not have the pressure of having to add something everyday although you can if you want to. You can probably tell i’m quite excited by this as riders / horse people you don’t have to be a rider to fill it out it works if you do in hand with your horse or pony or you’re a driver. The idea is you have a record of what you and your horse or pony have done, have learnt and when you feel like it’s steady going you can look back and see you have progressed, no matter how little the steps may have been or you have learnt something, If you would like to get your copy Message me now

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