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Progress not Perfection

Whenever you constantly strive for perfection and won’t allow yourself to move forward or show where you are at until you consider it perfect, are you inadvertently stopping yourself progressing. Have you considered the closer you get to your idea of perfection the more you want so your idea of perfection increases and moves away again. Therefore if you look closely at the last 12 months how many times have you surpassed you ideas of perfection? Are you so busy focussing on the next thing, you’re missing the progress you have made? Is it time you focussed a little on the progress – remember to make progress it will more than likely get messy – since when did you make a cake without having flour and butter and eggs everywhere, but then the beautiful cake comes out the oven – if you didn’t make a mess preparing you wouldn’t get to the end product the cake! The more cakes you bake the better they get – the more you progress you make with your horse the better it gets – so just have a look and see how far you have come and what changes you have made in the last 12 months – allow the progress to be acknowledged and check which idea of perfection are you currently trying to get to – how many have you already passed? Be proud of your progress and check the goal you were aiming for you haven’t already hit it!

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