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Over Preparing…

Do you find yourself preparing so much and so many thing you never get to the actual doing?

Do you like to make sure you have covered every eventuality but then find theres no time left to actually do or that the nerves and worries step in and stop you carrying on? What are the essentials, whats the minimum you need to be able to actually do waht you are aplanning but also what would you tell someone else they need to do? Have you considered the over planning comes from being worried about doing it in the first place – not just the what ifs that pop up as you plan and often the over planning is a delaying tactic to keep you from being able to it as you’re not quite ready – for instance when you say I’ll just do another circle then i’ll do it or I’ll do it next time round. So next time you find your planning list becoming really long and over detailled – stop take a moment to think about what could you do to make it easy to actually do such as more training, visit where you are going, have a practice run, take someone with you, before you allow yourself to get into overplanning or delaying mode!

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