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The Good, The Bad and The Messy!

Is it Messy or Progress?

Does perfection and your trying to get it right get in the way of your progress – do you not like the idea of it being a bit messy (or feeling really messy). Do you think its not working because you haven’t got past the progress stage? Often we miss the steps of progress trying to avoid it getting messy or untidy and miss that we are progressing and developing.

How can you stop yourself not seeing messy as progress – if you like cake this is easy – when that lovely cake appears in front of you looking amazing and you slice into it with excitement and anticipation ready to taste it – do you ever stop to really think about the kitchen after all those ingredients were put together, the breaking eggs the butter smeared on the work top, the spilt flour and sugar that seems to get everywhere – the dirty bowls and pans – that’s the bakers progress – if they stopped at the broken egg stage your cake wouldn’t happen.

So, next time it feels messy remember what you are trying to achieve where does this fit on your journey – are you making progress – don’t miss the little wins of progress for fear of it getting untidy.

If we had it perfect all the time we wouldn’t progressing and travelling on our journey.

Remember everyone’s journey is different even if the end goal is similar – different horses and riders find some things easier to learn compared to others if you are too busy comparing, you’re missing where you are and how your journey is really going.

Think of assessing your ride and finding all three the good, the bad and the messy or the highs, the lows and the progress they are all there!

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