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Make May Your Mindset Month

Having had a busy week coaching and having the opportunity to talk to and observe riders struggling with different areas due to blocks in believing in their ability to do things, and then their minds building scenarios to stop them in their tracks, as I pondered about how it was the 1st May today and I usually ask clients to set their goals for the month ahead I thought woah how about adding a little twist and making May our Mindset month. What would you like to change about your Mindset his month that woudl help you achieve, is their something you get caught up on quite often and then you ditch or change your plans as you’re not sure how to get past it – lets change it Make May your Mindset Month too. So when you think about this don’t change it – the first thing you think of is often the biggest game changer for you – don’t comapre to someone elses or decide its too small- sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest differences. So if you’d like to change your mindset this May – start by writing it down then look at the how – if you get stuck on the how send me a messsage and lets look at it together – sometimes its not just about hte next goal but the bigger picture needs checking too! Use the Contact page and send that message. Remember changing that mindset will help with so much not just one goal.

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