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Hacking Woes.

Hacking maybe something you just go and do as and when it suits you which is great, but it might also be that monkey in the room – the thing that really has no enjoyment attached to it whatsoever. You can see the benefits and would really like to enjoy it BUT…. There are so many reasons why people don’t enjoy it, but one of the biggest blocks that start the what ifs building is how people define a hack – so often it involves such a long ride – if you were to take away the expectation of you must hack for at least two hours, you must walk, trot, canter and gallop, you must go through the woods, you must cover ground you’ve never been on before – any of this sounding familiar? – as soon as we add big uncomfortable expectations it becomes the impossible – the scenarios and what ifs take control and no matter how much you might like to go out for a hack they win. My top tip to getting yourself going is start small – whats the smallest most comfortable route you can take – no-one but you decides how long, how fast and where. Start small, get comfortable then build on it.

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