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Frosty Morning Motivation

Well we had a fairly chilly start this monring and it was white over – someone decided he would just walk to the nearest fence line and await his hay when he was turned out this morning! I have to say it was a stunning morning here and I was a little disappointed I wasnt going to ride till later in the day – I had a lovely ride round the field this afternoon for a change and a little leg stretch – but how do you motivate yourself when for instance the thought of the ground being frozen almost puts a smile on your face because you cant ride till later and then later doesn’t come – set yourself a later time to ride and remember why you wanted to ride in the first place – how does it feel? Often we forget how it feels when we have ridden so it doesnt matter if we leave it today and so it goes on one day at a time until you realise its been a week then two and so on it goes – if it seems too much because you need to get on and do lots – set yourself a smaller aim and see where it takes you, dont let the thought become overwhelming and take away the joy of it. Have a great ride next time you get on board.

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