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A Busy Few Weeks and Leaving it Away From the Ride!

What a fantastic few weeks involving lots of rider mindset coaching. Being privileged to do a morning of group talks for the British Dressage North and East region Junior camp riders, talking all things competing. From riding your warm up properly and being confident to do what you need to, when others are warming up differently, to remembering the bell is an invitation to start, not an alarm to get in now. Remembering to breathe and of course smile at the judge. Also some fab questions from the riders about dealing with when it doesnt go to plan and moving forward, but also how to ride your test when you feel under pressure from who is watching – which i’m sure many riders can relate to and often you have to remember not only who you are riding for but also you are there to show where you and your horse are at not prove anything to any one. The minute you try to prove it, the over riding kicks and you try harder and harder, whereas if you are showing where you and your horse are upto in training you are already ahead of the game showing something you know how to do. This was followed this weekend by coaching 1-2-1 sessions at the Rider Focus and Function workshop at Sheepgate Equestrian, absolutely fascinating discussing getting that focus inside the arena, and not making your arena super busy with things you can see outside, or by taking all kinds of baggage in with you -for instance work and day to day life worries. Remembering why you are in the arena in the first place – from the space you ride in at home to the competition arena, at somepoint everyone is guilty of bringing something they dont need into the arena with them – the difference it makes when you leave it outside is immense!

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