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Fantastic Evening Talk

We had a great evening talk last night at Langrick Village Hall, recapping those goals and how to deal with those disappointments when your horse doesn’t follow the fitness rules to stay on your plan! With an fresh understanding of Progress not Perfection and setting yourself up for sucess the month ahead is looking exciting. Understanding that our idea of perfection changes and moves forward as we progress sheds a whole new light on what perfection actually is. Acknowledging the hiccups we meet on our journeys with our horses and actually giving yourself a little time to try and work them out really starts the process of setting yourself up for success and remembering to pay more attention to what we have achieved not staying focussed on the not so positive – but also realising how acknowledging both can totally change how you view the time and allows to see what you have learnt and achieved. Of course there were biscuits to help! Have you joined our Facebook group yet? Click here to join us

Save the date for the next group talk is 28th March 6.30pm where we will be talking all things preparation for some thing that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

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