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Having just had an overnight stay at the NAF 5 * British Dressage WInter Championships not only was it a privilege to support some superb riders, but also observing all angles of the show from the preparation behind the scenes (which I am no stranger too!) in the stables, seeing all the different approaches people take depending on whats next. Also observing warm ups and how the tension and excitement of the event affects not jsut the riders but the support team too, from short words and strained voices to humour and laughter – the way we all cope in these situations is fascinating – Have you ever considered how the approach you take affects those around you? Have you even realised what you do at these times compared to normal? Comparing riders coming down the centre line at the start of a test to the end of the test is fascinating from excitement and nerves to happiness and relief – you truly can observe all emotions throug hbody language and facial expressions. Then there’s the rider and team analysis so many first thoughts include the least favourite moments, the focus on the positive as your first thought is so important for how it affects your next ride in the competition arena, to be fair this is the same whatever the discipline. There are always times of disappointment but dont forget to find something you liked! I f you’d like to work on your competition mindset and give yourself a different focus email me I’d love to hear from you

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