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Christmas Riding Pressures

With christmas just around the corner, how often do you start trying ot work out your horse time round everyhting that goes on, from shopping getting the decorations up to family time and meals out, work do’s. So often there are so many things to add in that our riding time has to be juggled, instead of waiting till the last minute – start planning your horse time just like you do everything else Christmas, then firstly you have a plan so already have an idea when its not going to be possible to do your usual, but also it stops the clock watching and the frustration at not being able to at the last minute, with a plan in place you are ready for Christmas and any extra changes can be far more easily factored in! Make this Christmas break a win all round! If you’ve already decided that you’ll have a break too and give the horses a rest for a few days over the holiday let yourself enjoy it and plan for the restart after the break.

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