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Breathing – What Happens to yours in times of tension?

When you feel a little anxious whether at something that is happening or you think might happen, what actually happens to your breathing? Do you start breathing a little quicker and in turn only breathing as far as your chest so they are short shallow fast breaths, wahrt does this do to your body as you start to breath quicker so do your thoughts and the shorter breaths alone can add to the anxiety, at these times you need to try and breathe all the way into your tummy, but long and slow – they will feel really slow espeically if you are on red alert! – But if you can take those long slow breaths in turn your body calms your muscles start to release and relax and the heightened state of your brain starts to ease allowing you to take a minute and actually access the situation without it taking you over. So next time you feel the breaths racing make an effort to feel that breath getting into your tummy think about the inhale and exhale. THink of hte effect of your body softening and calming on your horse verses the rapid breathnig tense rider.

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