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August and September So Far…

August & September are always a busy months ( and September is still going strong) with lots of Championship shows and riders contesting their finals, alongside this though we mustn’t forget all the firsts that seem to happen in the summer months – the first show, first show jumping, the first fun ride and so many more. I consider myself priviledged to be involved in many of these and to see riders achieving their goals and aims is fantastic – it doesn’t matter what your goal is they are all equally as important because simply put they are someones goal. Just this weekend I was able to help someone conquer there demon by having a lesson at my yard – because it meant they went somewhere new and rode their horse. Other riders were at their National Championships and all had their own successes. I suppose what I am trying to say is own your own goal and don’t compare, do what you do for you and rider mindset coaching can help everyone whatever you want to achieve. Don’t forget its not all plain sailing with or without coaching there will always be the good, the bad and the messy! – emabrace them all and keep heading to your goals.

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