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Who Can Rider Mindset Coaching Help?

The quick answer anyone who rides!

Whether you have a block in your riding from a what if or an anxious moment,  to wanting to fine tune your competition performance – Rider mindset coaching really can help. Why did I start this – because I’ve been there – the horse in the field I really wanted to ride but just couldn’t the endless scenarios going round in my head each time I thought about riding him – the frustration that I could ride all the others just not him – then when I did manage to drum up the courage, as soon as I’d done it was a great i’ve ticked that off the to do list – I dont have to do it again for a while and so the whole scenario would build again. Finding my light at the end of the tunnel and actually getting going again with that horse has been absolute game changer for me – not only with that horse but every horse I work with. Being on a riders journey with them is a privilege and seeing riders achieve what they set out to do and more is fantastic. If you are ready to ride to your goals with confidence and ditch the doubts contact me now to find how rider mindset coaching can help you.  If you can tick that you’d like help with any of the below its well worth us having a chat.

  1. What if and endless scenario Busting
  2. Nervous Riders
  3. The winning Mindset 
  4. Dealing with frustrations like – Why cant I – I used to be able to, If ?? can do it why can’t I?
  5. Sticking on your journey and not comparing to others
  6. Riding for you
  7. Building and achieving your goals 
  8. Warming up with confidence 
  9. Assessing your ride for progress
  10. Preparation
  11. Under Riding or Over riding

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