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Who Can Rider Mindset Coaching Help?

The simple answer is you! You don’t have to compete to take advantage of what rider mindset coaching can offer, if you would like to overcome a fear, beat the wobbles, get your head in the game to compete or be in the best shape to enjoy your riding then rider mindset coaching really can help.

One to One Coaching

Private coaching sessions working on your journey to your goal. 


Join our Monthly group talks or book one for you association, club or team.

The Winning Mindset

Get your head in the game whatever your discipline from the preparation to the actual doing it all counts.

What My Clients Say!

I first started working with Alex in May 2020. Having grown up learning to ride in a very performance driven environment, I’ve always considered myself very able to deal with pressure. I’ve ridden all the way up to European level on other peoples horses, yet when it came to competing my own in 2020 I felt like I had lost my way and couldn’t get to the bottom of it. Competing became a chore for the first time, I either over rode or just sat there when I went down the centre line. I wasn’t nervous, I just wasn’t riding with feel or trust anymore. Contacting Alex was a big step for me, being a ‘just get on with it’ kind of person, if felt alien to me to ask for help, but I knew I needed an expert! I’ve never looked back since that day.
Kate Jones

All About Coaching

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Ditch the Doubts

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What My Clients Say

Rider Mindset Sessions with Alex have made me more aware of staying in the moment and focusing on small bitesize goals not just the end goal

Helen H

Following Covid lockdown, I entered a dressage competition.   No issue for me as done plenty before.  However for some unknown reason on day of competition I was a bag of nerves, feeling scared and sick.  Why I didn’t know or what I should do. 

Cas Vine
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